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04-06 March 2022  | Palazzo dei Congressi Roma


The return of Japan after the Fukuschima disaster.


It has taken almost 10 years since March 11, 2011, but now the memory has put the mute anxiety about what happened. And Japan is back in a strong desire for the exotic of Italians.

In all places where you book or prepare a trip, Japan is among the first destinations and is gaining more and more ground. It is not easy to find a clear and comprehensive explanation, also because in Japan there is little clear and simple. In the sense that what is most striking is the complexity of this faraway country: from the ancient and ancestral culture where the East flows into the contamporaneity while remaining closely and passionately linked to its past, where the landscape is made up of large cities and rural villages, enchanted gardens and temples ancestral and evocative where the breath of nature is palpable, where the blossoming of the cherry trees is celebrated and the increasingly new results of technology. But for all this and much more, the trip to Japan is the journey of a lifetime, which at least once you have to do if you really want to understand yourself.

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